Description: Languages - Python, C++, and Visual Basic. This course is designed as an entry level course to the languages of C++, Visual Basic and Python. The students will learn how to program through lectures which enhance the reading material, in class programming and exercises. Object Oriented Design (OOD) will be used for developing programming projects. The student will learn how to create Object Oriented (OO) programs to industry coding standards. Topics covered will include: programming by specification, creating real world objects, designing with object, and program construction. Microsoft Visual Studio will be used in class to illustrate programming topics. The World Wide Web will be used to provide students with source code and class resources. Emphasis is placed on the software development process, principles of user interface design, and the writing of a complete program including event-driven input, logical decision making and processing, and useful output. Communication, critical thinking, and lifelong learning skills are reinforced through the completion of course activities. Simulations, projects, teamwork, and FBLA leadership activities, meetings, conferences, and the competitions provide opportunities for application of instructional competencies

Computer terminology, hardware, software, operating systems, and information systems relating
to the business environment. The main focus of this course is on business applications of software,
including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation graphics, and businessā€oriented
utilization of the Internet (HTML).