EE42.English 12 Acad Full year / One credit / Pre requisite: English 11 Acad 75 average.

Description: This course provides the study of World Literature and the major themes it presents. Students will also read novels and plays. Students will write papers similar to the type required in college and will create two research papers using MLA style. Mandatory summer reading program consists of one novel and a response journal. The students will take a test on the summer reading book upon their return to school.

The study of British literature is the focus in this year's writing-intensive class.

The study of Journalism and Media. The class is offered to students in grades 10-12 who have earned at least a grade of B in at least an Academic tracked English class. Students are offered Journalism I, II, and III. First year students, regardless of class (10, 11, or 12) are enrolled in Journalism I and taught how to write newspaper articles and how to get involved with the production of the high school's daily morning announcements. Journalism II builds on the the skills learned in Journalism I and gives the students a more in-depth look at TV production and writing, along with design and layout for the high school yearbook. Journalism III, for the 3rd year Journalism student, affords the students the opportunity to explore journalism and media and career opportunities under the Media realm.